When we're taking advice from someone, we should know what their biases are. Our advice usually is tinted with the color of our personality, experiences, preferences, qualifications, etc.

Therefore, it is beneficial to take advice from multiple people (who are qualified to give advice on the topic) and then we put them all together while being cognizant of the biases of each person we've taken advice from; and finally make up our mind.

Minds of multiple experts (not laymen) are always better than the mind of a single one.

For example in matters of technical design, I have a strong bias for simplicity. I'm not thrilled by overly complex systems. I have a bias against introducing new concepts and terms to make something sound innovative or exotic.

In matters of relationships, I have a bias towards avoiding trouble. I like fixing code, not people. I'd rather move on or avoid than fix the situation.

I have a bias against shortcuts, racing to the top, running after money, being competitive, etc. I'm more of a mind my own business, live my own life, person.

So whether you're taking advice from your teammate or someone else, also listen to the people who disagree with the advice given. Never be too impressed by someone. No one knows it all or is perfect.