When presenting a solution or design for review, if we mention all the shortcomings in it ourselves, the reviewers will trust us that we did our due diligence in ensuring that it will work.

However, if we only highlight the good parts and tactfully omit the shortcomings, they may think we're hiding something or we failed to identify the shortcomings. If they find one, they'll look for more -- which isn't bad since we're part of the same team but we'll lose trust in the process of being able to do our job without handholding.

So to avoid that kind of situation, always mention the pros as well as cons of the choice taken and the possible alternatives with a clear justification of why the specific solution was chosen from all the available options.

PS: This also works in sales I've heard i.e. when selling something (especially if it is pre-owned), disclosing all the faults of the item, will earn the trust of the buyer.